2020 Fencing Summer Camp in New Jersey

Looking for the best summer camp? Look no more.

Have your child join us for a fun week in July or August to learn the basics of fencing at our fencing school in Eaton Town, NJ.

In our fencing camp, our coaches will take your child along with 19 other children through various fencing lessons to test all of their athletic abilities and discover advanced techniques and strategies in fencing.

AIF is proud to have Coach Mac Shaker as the head coach.

He is a ‘92 Olympian with numerous national and world titles. In his coaching career, he’s helped many students achieve getting into their dream colleges like sending Arianna Mangano to Columbia, John and Nicole Vaiani to U Penn, Emile O’Hara to the Air Force Academy, and many, many more stories of success.

Coach Shaker is known for developing national level fencers from scratch. He always says, “All I need is dedication.” He believes fencing is the ultimate sport as it develops the psychological, physical, and mental sharpness of students. 

Psychologically, it helps with goal setting, confidence, resiliency, focusing, positive self-talk and performing under pressure. Physically fencing improves speed, power, coordination, and agility, not to mention increased mental sharpness, due to its complex nature.

Fencing is not only a work out for the body, but also the ultimate work out for the brain.

Fencing camp 2020

Your child can expect to experience a summer camp that is more than just a week of fencing classes.

The time they spend at our fencing school will teach them not only valuable lessons in life but discipline to move other areas of their life and their future forward.

AIF’s mission is to optimize all students’ capabilities no matter their age, gender or physical ability. AIF is a 4,600 sq. ft. facility that is fully equipped with 12 electric strips and state-of-the-art flooring which minimizes stress on the joints for greater performance. AIF is conveniently located one mile south of the Monmouth Mall, GSP Exit 105 and the intersection of Rt. 36 and Rt. 35. and Rt. 18.


Fencing Camp is limited to 20 students. 

Camp 1

Camp days: July 13th–17th 2020. Monday to Friday

Camp time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm 

30 min early drop off and late pick up is available for NO extra charge.

Registration - Camp 1

Valid Till: Jul 12, 2020


Registration - Camp 1&2

Valid Till: July 12, 2020


Camp 2

Camp days: Aug 10th–14th 2020. Monday to Friday

Camp time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

30 min early drop off and late pick up is available for NO extra charge.

Registration - Camp 2

Valid Till: Aug 9th, 2020


Registration - Camp 1&2

Valid Till: July 12th, 2020


Summer Camp 2019


– Who can attend the fencing camp?

8 – 14 years old.

– What should we bring?

Campers should wear sneakers, sportswear and bring a water bottle.

– Do we need fencing equipment?

AIF will provide all the necessary fencing equipment needed for the campers.

– Will food and beverages be provided at the summer camp?

Camper should provide their own food and beverages. AIF will NOT provide any food or beverages for the campers except water.
– How to cancel?
Contact us for:

100% refund for 1 month advance notice.

50% refund for 2 weeks advance notice.
25% refund if less than two weeks advance notice.

– What is the address of the fencing camp?

American Institute of Fencing
20 Meridian Rd
Eatontown, NJ 07724

– When is the fencing camp?

July 13-17th & August 10-14th

– When is the camp time?

9am-5pm Monday to Friday

– More questions? Contact us.

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